farthest island from the continent, some 3,700 kilometers in distance from continental Chile and 4,000 kilometers in distance from the island of Tahiti. It is the largest open air museum in the continent.

With an area of 166 Km2 with 4,000 inhabitants,  this Polynesian island with subtropical climate and diverse marine life and diverse vegetation, agriculture,  rich archaeology and culture which can be apreciated and felt even today. we invite you to discover the ancestral culture, energy, magic and their mysteries. 

Iorana korua

In our glamping program, you will be able to enjoy nature and the landscape of Rapa Nui from the three meter tall dome, located in the center of the town of Hanga Roa. Constructed authentically, the dome offers modern commodities to enjoy Rapa Mui in comfort. We also offer tours, personal service and everything else necessary to make your stay unforgettable. In our restaurant  you will be able to enjoy ceviches, tuna fillets, fresh pastas, grilled steaks, pizza and a varied menu in an authentic setting. Our kitchen is equipped with a brick oven and a grill. We’re located centrally in Hanga Roa, within walking distance of the bank and the beach. It would be our pleasure to serve you and help make your vacation unforgettable.


  • Welcome at Mataveri airport with leis. Transport to accommodations provided.

  • Free afternoon to travel to Hanga Roa

  • Country style welcome dinner with Rapa Nui ingredients 

  • In house breakfast

  • Full day tour

Visits to:

Ahu akaganga

Moai statues

Rano raraku

Volcano and moai factory

Picnic en el parque


Ahu tongariki

Site of 15 Moai statues

Tepito kura

Belly button of the world

Ahu nau nau

Moai statues


 White sand beach

Cena en restaurant mamma nui


  • In house breakfast

Visits to:

Ana kai tangata

cave drawing location

Volcán rano kau

crater view

Visita aldea ceremonial de orongo

(Location of the cult Hombre Pajaro, “tangata manu”

Ahu tahira

Moai statues and cremation site

Almuerzo en restaurant Mamma nui


Regreso al hospedaje


Cena en restaurant Mamma nui


  • In house breakfast

  •  Bike ride to Anakena beach with guided hike 

  • Lunch an Anakena beach

  • Ahu nau nau

  • Free afternoon on the beach

  • Bike ride to Hanga roa

  • In house dinner

  • In house breakfact

  • Visit to ahu akivi

  • Ana tepahu (cueva de los plátanos)

  • Lunch in Mamma nui restaurant

  • Free afternoon

  • Attendance to cultural ballet

  • Dinner in Mamma nui restaurant

  • In house breakfast

  • Transport from housing to airport 

  • Farewell with leis

During your camping stay, sleeping bags and tents are available if needed.

The program suggests six days to consider your stay sufficient times to enjoy all the activities offered, since the flight is typically very tiresome. Return flights usually leave in the morning so, there will only be 4 days to partake in activities.

Activities and agendas may be changed due to inclement weather.

The following tools are suggested::

  • Saco de dormir

  • Bathing suit

  • Snorkel

  • Towels

  • Sunblock

  • Flashlight

  • Hiking clothes

Air travel not included

This price includes:

  • Rapa Nui park entrance (foreigners should pay their own entrance fees)

  • Camping

  • Transport

  • Tours

  • Bike ride

  • 3 daily meals in house or in Mammanui restaurant

  • Entrance to cultural ballet show

# Low season: March 15th – October 31st
# High season: November 1st – March 14th

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